With Christmas just around the corner, DYT’s Nancy Gedge takes us through her top tips for staying well over the Christmas Period…

it won’t be long, if it hasn’t happened already, before the nation’s primary schools are up to their eyeballs in preparations for nativities of all sorts and the music departments in secondary schools are tearing their hair out for similar reasons. Here at DYT we appreciate all the efforts of all school staff to make Christmas in school a celebration of the talent of their young people at the darkest part of the year.

We hope, after all the hard work is over, when the glitter and tinsel have been cleared up and the costumes put away for another year, that you all have a restful and healthy festive season.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for teachers and support staff for being well – and keeping well in December (and making it through to January in one piece).

  1. Look after your voice

We can’t say it enough. Your voice is your biggest asset and many teachers struggle with voice loss and throat infections during the winter months. Drink lots of water – make time for it, and rest when you can – you know it makes sense.

2. Get plenty of rest

Yes, yes, we know it is the season to be merry and all, but, honestly, we know how hard you work (some of us are teachers too) and we know how hard it is to drag yourself to work in the dark mornings and deal with overexcited children for the entire of December. Sleep is a great healer. If you’re feeling under the weather a few early nights will mean that you can actually enjoy your well earned break instead of spending it at the chemist’s looking for paracetamol.

3.  Eat sensibly

Have you any idea how many calories there are in a mince pie?…actually, no. Ignore this one. Now is not the time to worry about your diet. A traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings is more than acceptable. In fact, we recommend you get some frozen roast potatoes (just to make life easier on yourself) and tweet us pictures of your puddings.

4. Do it your way

Christmas is one of those times that can be hedged about with other people’s expectations and this can be the cause of familial strife. We recommend doing Christmas your own way; if this means spending the day in your pjs, so be it. At least you’ll be comfy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the DYT team.