Driver Youth Trust’s CEO, Chris Rossiter presented at ResearchSEND 2018 Conference in Manchester.

The conference took place on Saturday 10th November at Manchester Metropolitan University and ran in conjunction with @WholeSchoolSEND (A consortium committed to improving outcomes for C&YP with SEND).


The Presentation

Chris’s presentation, ‘How Driver Youth Trust (DYT) uses research to inform Practice’ took a look at evidence based practice (EBP), and how it is essential to ensure that decisions made for SEND and ethical and evidenced-based.

You can find his presentation slides here: ‘How Driver Youth Trust (DYT) uses research to inform Practice’.


DYT & Evidenced Based Practice

Driver Youth Trust has always prided itself on being an organisation that asks questions – of the complex issues in education, and of those in power – especially in relation to the education of young people with SEND and literacy difficulties.

We have utilised the concept of Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) to ensure that our decision making is based on multiple sources, critical thinking and the ‘best available’ evidence. You can read more about how DYT uses EBP here.