DYT has created a “fact sheet” to explore how the government’s proposals to lift the ban on new grammar schools could impact on pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Given that the government’s consultation on the matter failed to mention SEND once, we see it as vital that this issue is raised and fully taken into account by the Department for Education.

It is our belief that academic selection will not benefit SEND Learners. Presently, the percentage of SEND Learners with statements or Education, Heath and Care (EHC) plans is less than 0.04% in grammars, (compared to 1.7% across all schools). While those not sufficiently severe to receive a statement for example dyslexics, is 3.6% in grammar schools, (compared to 11% nationally).

Therefore, we believe that the government’s focus on selection is the wrong approach.  However, we welcome the government’s vision for every child to attend an outstanding school and look forward to working alongside them to ensure that SEND Learners are at the heart of this vision.

Read the Fact Sheet here.