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12th November 2018 

This week sees the important issue of anti-bullying at the forefront, DYT will join a wide range of organisations in raising awareness of the ‘Choose Respect’ campaign (our Senior Consultant, Kenny Wheeler has kicked things off!) It’s also a busy start of the week for Education Ministers as they face questions from MPs today and respond to a Labour debate on school funding on Tuesday.

Coming up this week:

  • All week: As well as Anti-bullying Week it is Trustee Week – we will be celebrating the work of the SEND Governance review guide in ensuring Trustees are best prepared to support learners with SEND.
  • Monday: Education Questions kicks off the Parliamentary week at 2:30 pm. Question 16 from Ipswich MP, Sandy Martin will ask the Department: what assessment they have made of the adequacy of support available for children with special educational needs and disabilities.”
  • Tuesday: Opposition day debate on school funding, it comes as Headteachers told MPs that schools need between £4- 8 billion added to annual budgets to deal with rising costs.
  • Thursday: Women and Equalities questions takes place in the morning and a debate on anti-bullying week in Westminster Hall takes place at 1:30 pm.

If you missed it:

Busy weekend for Damian Hinds 

The Education Secretary was on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning where he faced tough questioning on school funding. He also was the guest on Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking podcast where he revealed more about his political background and what drives his vision for education.

Jules Daulby in Schools Week 

DYT Director of Education wrote an opinion piece on how to use specialist teachers effectively in your school and the positive impact this can have for learners with literacy difficulties. Jules argues ‘specialist teachers should be woven into the DNA of your school, not tacked on as a patch’, read the full piece.

Chris Rossiter at ResearchSEND

DYT’s CEO presented at ResearchSEND 2018 Conference in Manchester. Chris’s presentation, ‘How Driver Youth Trust (DYT) uses research to inform practice’ took a look at evidence based practice (EBP), and how it is essential to ensure that decisions made for SEND are ethical and evidenced-based. You can find his presentation slides here: ‘How Driver Youth Trust (DYT) uses research to inform Practice’.

‘Devastating’ cuts hit special educational needs

The Observer reported yesterday that council overspending on SEND has trebled in just three years. They identified 40 councils that have either cut special needs funding this year, are considering making cuts or are raiding other education budgets to cope next year. DYT research has found a third of local authorities in England do not have sufficient specialist dyslexia support.

The DfE responded: “In 2018-19 councils will receive £6 billion of funding specifically for children with complex special educational needs and disabilities, up from £5 billion in 2013.”

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