This year’s pandemic has truly placed ‘community’ in the spotlight. Everyday connections are so interwoven to our daily existence that all of us have felt the distance from those who usually share our everyday lives.

Community very much tells the story of Covid – people joining together, doing more, reaching out and forming new friendships. In education, we’ve seen teachers band together to ensure children continue to learn and their community remains safe and well.

We’ve taken the power of community and looked at how we can bring people together to learn, explore and support. This is not about large amounts of time away from the classroom or adding more time to the end of the working day, but about providing a place where teachers can come together and learn.

Join the DYT Community

We are excited to be taking this step into creating our learning community, and want to invite as many people as possible to join. There is no charge, and you can determine how much or how little you engage. You will receive a monthly newsletter with exclusive information and resources, and links to a range of roundtable events to explore key themes in education, SEND and literacy.

Between January and August we’ll be hosting (online) roundtable events covering topics such as:

  • Specialist teachers: role, responsibilities and accessibility
  • Revision, exams and assistive technology
  • Intervention and tuition services
  • Supporting transitions: whole-school and individual

Community members will also be encouraged to suggest their own topics for discussion. If you would like to join and have any initial ideas, please contact us at

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The DYT Community is open to everyone with an interest in education, SEND and literacy difficulties. To sign up, click here and enter your details for our mailing list. We look forward to seeing where the power of this community can take us!

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Enhance your teaching practice and learn how to better support learners in your classroom who struggle to read and write by attending our webinar or in-person workshops. 

Perfect for teachers, TAs and school leaders alike, you’ll leave with the skills, knowledge and strategies to truly transform literacy in your school.

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