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Learn how to identify the writing ability of each of your learners and work through our expert action plan to better support and improve literacy outcomes for every child in your class. 

Our new immersive Writing in Primary Education Action Course will teach you the intricacies of how writing skills develop in childhood and how they can best be scaffolded throughout Key Stages 1-2. Follow our intuitive action plan to chart your learners’ writing abilities, learn how to predict when difficulties with writing and literacy may occur, and identify and set-up appropriate support and interventions to improve their skill, from handwriting to self-editing.

The course will challenge you to reflect on current research and the demands of the primary curriculum leaving you with the resources and understanding you need to ensure you provide a fully inclusive writing curriculum.


Following this Action Course, you will:

  • Understand current research and thinking on how writing develops throughout primary education
  • Be able to identify and address specific literacy difficulties that learners in your setting have
  • Have an effective, adaptive action plan for improving writing and literacy outcomes for your learners
  • Leave with shareable resources and templates to support your learning


How do DYT Action Courses work?

Entirely self-directed and hosted on our new online learning hub, each of our Action Courses include roughly 3-5 hours of learning time for just £75. The course is designed with busy school staff in mind, and is split into bite-sized sections which you can work through at your own pace, when it suits you.

  • Immediate access to your course module after purchasing
  • Access to all course content on the DYT Learning Hub for three months
  • Multi-media course content, including quizzes, videos and knowledge checks
  • Certificate upon completion

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