Learn how to keep each of your learners in the ‘challenge zone’ – not overwhelmed with information, but still pushed out of their comfort zone. Explore the importance of cognitive load and its impact on learning, engagement and retention, particularly for learners with literacy difficulties.

Designed and delivered by our expert consultant teachers, our ‘Cognitive load: adapting your delivery to reach every learner’ webinar explores the concepts of extraneous and intrinsic load (Sweller, 1988) and their impact on learners’ engagement and retention, with a focus on learners with literacy difficulties and SEND.

This webinar is ideal for teachers, teaching assistants and school staff of every level.


Webinar overview

  • Extraneous and intrinsic: exploring Sweller’s (1988) Cognitive Load Theory and identifying common classroom distractions.
  • The impact on learning: understanding how environmental distractions can impact on how your teaching is internalised and retained.
  • Supporting learners in the classroom: sharing support strategies that can be easily applied in the classroom.


Webinar outcomes

Participants will leave with:

  • Increased knowledge of the Cognitive Load Theory and how to apply it in the classroom;
  • A deeper understanding of their own teaching practice and ideas for enhancing lesson planning, delivery and classroom environment;
  • Strategies, scaffolding ideas and frameworks that can be easily applied in the classroom to support learners with literacy difficulties and SEND.

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Dates & scheduling:

Thursday 20th January 2022, 16:00 – 17:00


£30 per person



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