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Introducing our DYT Quick Courses – short, entirely self-directed online courses designed to give you a bedrock understanding of inclusive literacy in as little as 45 minutes.

This course will explore the three main features of dyslexia (phonological awareness, processing and verbal memory), and how they present in learners with literacy difficulties. It will also share tools, strategies and ideas for small changes to lesson planning and delivery that can have a big impact on improving reading, writing and communication.


Following this Quick Course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how dyslexia affects learning and the main areas of need used in the diagnosis of dyslexia;
  • Identify opportunities to support learners with literacy difficulties through high quality classroom practice;
  • Create a list of three strategies to apply to your practice and share with your colleagues.


How do DYT Quick Courses work?

Entirely self-directed and hosted on our new online learning hub, each of our Quick Courses include roughly 45-60 minutes of learning time for just £20.

  • Immediate access to your course module after purchasing
  • Access to your course module on the DYT Learning Hub for six weeks
  • Multi-media course content, including quizzes, videos and knowledge checks
  • Certificate upon completion

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