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Introducing our DYT Quick Courses – short, entirely self-directed online courses designed to give you a bedrock understanding of inclusive literacy in as little as 45 minutes.

Research shows that learners with literacy difficulties have language deficits which impact on their ability to comprehend, both in class and when reading. This Quick Course aims to consider both receptive and expressive language, and how language difficulties can present at different stages of learning.

Our language difficulties Quick Course will give you a foundation understanding of how language skills develop and how learners need to use language skills to access different aspects of the curriculum – and how difficulties with language can impact on their overall learning. We’ll also share evidence-based, tried and tested strategies for supporting language and literacy difficulties in the classroom, and curated teaching resources to download and use later.


Following this Quick Course, you will:

  • Understand the role of language in literacy and learning; how language skills can help or hinder access to lessons and subject content
  • Understand the impact that a language deficit can have on reading skills
  • Gain tried and tested strategies, frameworks and ideas for supporting learners with language difficulties


How do DYT Quick Courses work?

Entirely self-directed and hosted on our new online learning hub, each of our Quick Courses include roughly 45-60 minutes of learning time for just £20.

  • Immediate access to your course module after purchasing
  • Access to your course module on the DYT Learning Hub for six weeks
  • Multi-media course content, including quizzes, videos and knowledge checks
  • Certificate upon completion

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